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Standalone Wired Radio Receivers

If you find yourself in a position where your remote controls have become obsolete or very costly to replace, we may have the solution for you. Fitting a standalone wired receiver enables you to remotely operate your gate or garage door automation with an alternative radio product.

This allows you to use alternative remote controls to what was originally in use. Or can work alongside any existing remotes that are still currently in use.

For more information on how to integrate a standalone radio receiver into your gate or garage door system, please contact our friendly Technical Sales team on 01384 569942 or via technical@easygates.co.uk.

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RX1 Universal Receiver and Remotes

Universal receiver for use with garage door openers


  • Replaces discontinued remote controls with our smaller remotes
  • Ideal if you have lost, broken or irreplaceable remote controls
  • Available in a range of package deals to suit your needs

Quick and easy to install

Cost effective solution

Instructions included

£54.00£142.80 inc. VAT.Select options

Universal receiver for use with garage, gate and commercial opener systems


  • Compact design to fit most garage, gate and commercial openers
  • Can operate up to three different drives or applications
  • Three relay driven channels, will allow OPEN, CLOSE, STOP functions
  • Operates using LiftMaster EVO radio technology on 433 MHz & 868 MHz with increased range
  • Each channel can also take 2 wireless keypads (747EV model)

Compact design

Instructions included

Cost effective solution

£72.00£110.40 inc. VAT.Select options