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Fibaro FGCD-001 CO Sensor

FIBARO CO Sensor (Z-Wave)


Small, Smart & lightweight Fibaro CO sensor with built-in temperature sensor. Essential protection for any Smart Home.

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Fibaro FGDW-002-1 Door/Window Sensor White

FIBARO Door / Window Sensor (Z-Wave)


Monitors doors, windows and more. Match it to an alarm to deter intruders or log access to a restricted room.

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Fibaro FGFS-101 Flood Sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor (Z-Wave)


FIBARO Flood Sensor is the perfect balance of design and practicality. Attractive, simple with state of the art tech.

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Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 Motion Sensor

Fibaro Motion Sensor (Z-Wave)


Small, light-weight, filled with advanced sensory technology. FIBARO Motion Sensors are wireless / battery powered.

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Fibaro FGSD-002-ZW5 Smoke Sensor

FIBARO Smoke Sensor (Z-Wave)


FIBARO Smoke Sensor. Small, light-weight device with an aesthetically pleasing design. No need for wiring.

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Fibaro FGBRS-001 Temperature Sensor

FIBARO Temperature Sensor (Z-Wave)


The Fibaro Temperature Sensor is an additional, dedicated measuring point designed for use alongside the Heat Controller to provide the best temperature coverage around the property.

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FIBARO DS-001 Temperature Sensor

FIBARO Temperature Sensor DS (Z-Wave)


The Fibaro Temperature Sensor DS is a programmable digital thermostat.

This sensor has such a small design that can be used almost anywhere. Several sensors can be connected to a single 1-wire line.

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Fibaro FGBS-001 Universal Binary Sensor

FIBARO Universal Binary Sensor (Z-Wave)

The Fibaro Binary Sensor is a wireless module that allows wired sensors to communicate over the z-wave network.

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