GSM Audio Intercoms

What is a GSM Intercom?

GSM Intercoms allow the user to call or use SMS to trigger an automated gates opening function, or to receive incoming visitor calls on their mobile device. Intercoms with a user data base can be preprogrammed with permanent or temporary phone numbers, allowing access to other residents, guests, or even delivery services.

GSM based intercom systems are ideal for installations where excavation is not an option, for example if it is not possible to run lengthy cables from the property to the gate. However it is important to remember that GSM intercoms require good signal strength to operate effectively, much like how a mobile phone works.

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GSM Intercoms

Easily manage your intercom from the free smartphone app

The Cellcom Prime 6 is a state-of-the-art GSM intercom system which calls your home phone and mobile phone(s) on roll-over whenever a visitor pushes the call button on the intercom. User friendly and hassle-free, you can have total remote management over your intercom via phone call and the free smartphone app – wherever you are in the world.

This advanced GSM audio intercom system is suitable for one household or business, and is available in a range of options to match your needs. Acrylic trim or stainless steel? With or without keypad? The choice is yours.

AES Global


Date and TimeSet automatic gate open & close times, great for the work commute or school run

Do Not Disturb TimeDo-not-disturb watershed time to stop nuisance calls during unsociable hours

History LogUser history log to your phone, so you can always track of who is coming and going

LightbulbIlluminated call button and keypad for ease of use in the dark

Stainless Steel Finish

Black Gloss Acrylic Finish

Free Smartphone AppManage your intercom via the free smartphone app for Android & Apple iOS

Keypad Time RestrictedIssue time restricted and temporary codes to allow access on chosen days / times

Signal StrengthHigh signal strength antenna supplied as standard for reliable reception

Gate and Door2 relays for operating automatic gates & pedestrian gates / doors

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Wide range of solutions to your access control requirements

Videx's GSM Door Entry System employs mobile phone technology to operate doors and automatic gates.

Based on Videx's 4000 series audio intercoms, Videx's GSM range retains all of its features, in addition to capacity for up to 250 built in access codes for the dial to open feature; allowing users to call the entry panel for access. The optional keypads are completely self contained, requiring only an external power supply and antenna.

These intercoms are available in a wide range of options to suit your requirements. Available with one or two call buttons, with or without keypad and flush or surface mounted fitting.



Intercoms with either one or two call buttons, which can dial any landline or mobile number

Dial to open facility allows opening of doors and gates via phone, with no call charge

Easily control access for up to 250 users (dependent on SIM card used)

Call diverting will ring through to a second phone number if the first phone number is busy or has not answered

Flush Fitted Version

Surface Mounted Version

Sleek and stylish design with stainless steel facia plate with gun metal grey surround

Quick and simple to program via SMS or dial in, no need to open up the intercom itself

Signal strength checking via SMS to help you get the best reception possible

Automatic call facility keeps network connection constant even if the system is out of use for long periods of time

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Videx GSM Intercoms

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