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Gate Automation Manual Release Keys

When you purchased your gate automation you would have been supplied with a manual release key which enables you to open your gates in the event of a power failure or breakdown. These often get lost over time but are a valuable asset should you find yourself in need of one.

We stock release keys for all leading manufacturers but if you don't see the key you require, please contact our friendly sales team via phone on 01384 569 942 or email us at

Release Keys

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BFT ZZSUB59 Release Key D221144

BFT ZZSUB59 Release Key (D221144)

£45.00 incl. VAT. £37.50 excl. VAT

The BFT ZZSUB59 is a new cone style release key from BFT.

This key is made from plastic, and is suitable for the new style CPS Box as well as FCS boxes.

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CAME 119RIY077S Plastic Triangular Release Key

CAME 119RIY077S Release Key

£8.34 incl. VAT. £6.95 excl. VAT

The CAME 119RIY077S is a plastic, triangular manual release key for various CAME automation motors, such as Ati, Krono, Axo, Amico, Frog and Fast.

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Liftmaster 41ASWG-0119 - LYN/SCS Series Release Keys x 2

LiftMaster 41ASWG-0119 Release Keys x 2

£11.40 incl. VAT. £9.50 excl. VAT

The LiftMaster 41ASWG-0119 is a pair of release keys for manual opening of LiftMaster swing gate openers such as the LYN/SCS series.

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