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Smart home lighting never looked so good

Nanoleaf's goal is to create products that don’t yet exist - offering smarter future-proof solutions.

By infusing thoughtful design and technological intelligence in our products, Nanoleaf is ushering in a new era of the smart home that centres around complete personalisation – a world without restrictions that embraces the highest potential of our most loved spaces.

Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagon

The Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagons elevate the concept of smart lighting into a creative journey of design. A combination of smart technology and sleek ultra-thin design, the modular LED light panels open limitless possibilities for you to explore, create, and play. Transform your space with multi-sensory experiences like touch interactions, real-time music sync, screen mirroring, and more.

  • Building your own immersive home-theatre.
  • Transform music into stunning visuals, at home or in the studio.
  • Boost your energy during workouts.
  • Create the right ambience for yoga & mediation.
  • Set up your personal productivity zone for working from home.
  • Design a statement wall or ceiling decor masterpiece.
  • Wake up naturally with gentle light alarms.
Nanoleaf Canvas Touch
Nanoleaf Canvas Highlight

The Nanoleaf Canvas is a light that connects to and delights the senses – playing on sight, sound and touch for a lighting experience that goes beyond mere function. It’s a plug and play light that makes life easier right out of the box. Its edge-lit design, LEGO-like setup, built-in Rhythm technology for real-time music sync, touch and voice control across platforms, transforms your home from smart to intelligent. Equipped with color-changing and adjustable white lighting to fit any lighting needs throughout the day.

  • Modular light squares that offer endless design possibilities.
  • Control through Touch enabled experiences, Voice, or the Nanoleaf App.
  • More than 16 million colors and all the shades of white at your disposal.
  • Simple no hassle installation via the included mounting tape.
  • Supports large installations of up to 500 light squares.
Nanoleaf Panel Highlight
Nanoleaf Panel Highlight

The Rhythm Edition Nanoleaf Light Panels is smart lighting that is perfect for setting the ambiance or boosting productivity. Set the ideal mood for any occasion, wake up to the sunrise, entertain family and friends, and automate your lights throughout the day. Create your own personalized design to fit your space. It even reacts to music in real-time! Each Smarter Kit includes 9 panels, but you can grow your design with Expansion Packs.

  • Rhythm Module syncs to music in real-time.
  • Control using the Nanoleaf App, your voice, or the physical controller.
  • More than 16 million colors and all the shades of white at your disposal.
  • Simple no hassle installation via the included mounting tape.
  • Connect & control via WiFi, no hub needed.
  • Thousands of free downloadable scenes in the Nanoleaf App.
Nanoleaf Remote Colourful
Nanoleaf Remote Highlight

The Nanoleaf Remote is a 12-sided buttonless HomeKit remote designed to enhance user experience, and enable effortless control for your Nanoleaf Light Panels and other HomeKit products. Place any numbered side face up to activate the preset command, and if you also have a Nanoleaf Rhythm you can rotate to change brightness. Customise presets easily in the Nanoleaf App for a more personal experience.

  • Control Nanoleaf Light Panels and other HomeKit products effortlessly.
  • Connects via Bluetooth with an easy pairing process.
  • Sleek design that looks like art and works like magic.
  • 12 programmable sides for max control.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries, no change needed for up to 3 years.


Nanoleaf DMX Adapter Install
Nanoleaf Accessories

We stock an extensive list of accessories and expansion packs including mounting options, additional power supplies and a professional input device for musicians and designers. Compatible accessories have been organised for your convenience and can be found on their respective products page.