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Smart Home, Smart Life

With the MyQ smart home technology installed, you're able to take control of your home like never before, even when you're not at home you have full control! Never again will you second guess yourself locking the gate or garage door, simply check on your phone, it's that easy!

With the MyQ app you can receive activity alerts, keeping you updated with the opening or closing of your gate & garage door letting you know the kids have gotten home from school okay. You might also want to schedule the MyQ lights to come on so you can see when arriving home later in the night. Then allow up to 3 people to control your gate & garage door if friends are coming in their cars.

The MyQ system also works with Apple HomeKit, Nest, IFTTT, Google Assistant and more...

myq smart garage
LiftMaster 828EV myQ Internet Gateway

The LiftMaster 828EV is the new and improved accessory with built-in myQ technology for remote monitoring / control of your LiftMaster automation systems.

Compatible with a wide variety of LiftMaster Evolution gate and garage door openers.

Not sure if your system is compatible? Have concerns about installation / set-up? Fear not! Contact our friendly technical sales team by telephone on 01384 569942 or via email at

MyQ - What Is It And How Does It Work:

Mobile Phone or Computers

Use your devices to control your gate or garage door from the comfort of your home

myQ phone on desk
My Q application

LiftMaster Internet Gateway

Your command is then transmitted to the Internet gateway

Your Gate or Garage Door Opener

Then your command is executed by the compatible gate or garage door opener

LM100EV garage door application
garage door closing

Open and Close the Gate or Garage Door

Making it a lot easier to leave and arrive without the hassle

MyQ is a revolutionary patented technology that allows for two-way communication, ensuring that you can monitor and control your gate or garage door from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop / PC!

Your internet-enabled device will communicate with your LiftMaster Internet Gateway which will pass information between your device and your opener, be it commands to open and close or status/monitoring queries.

Watch myQ In Action!

myQ General Info

myQ Installation Guide

Welcome to the MyQ® experience

Explore all the ways myQ integration will make your life easier.

Complete control at your fingertips

MyQ Smart Technology is built to effortlessly connect you to your gate & garage, whether you're home or away. Download the free myQ App today to start enjoying a variety of features engineered for your convenience.

Wherever, Whenever

From letting your dog go outside to letting the kids in after class, myQ gives you the power over of your gate & garage door wherever you are.

myQ man on phone
myQ app on Apple Watch

Keep up to Date

Thanks to the use of real-time notifications from the myQ App, you can stay in the know anytime your gate or garage opens / closes.

Have it your way, everyday

Arrive home in style, by pre-setting times for your gate & garage door to operate or home-lighting to switch on.

myQ mobile app in car
myQ family controls

Give control to the ones you love

Let people you trust have control over your garage door, either all the time or during certain periods, allowing for peace of mind and greater control over your home.

App Features

MyQ app Mockup

Operate everywhere you go

Open and close your garage door using your smartphone

Real-time notifications

Get notified if your garage door opens, closes or is left open 

Custom Schedules

Set up rules for your garage door to be closed at a certain time

Share Access

Allow up to three people to control your garage door, using myQ Guest

Smart-Home Integration

Link your myQ to other smart-home devices and platforms

LiftMaster 828EV myQ Internet Gateway
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828EV Internet Gateway

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Chamberlain 830REV myQ Starter Kit
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830REV myQ Starter Kit

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Chamberlain 829REV Garage Door Monitor
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829REV Garage Door Monitor

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