860EV Universal Receiver

Universal receiver for use with garage, gate and commercial opener systems


  • Compact design to fit most garage, gate and commercial openers
  • Can operate up to three different drives or applications
  • Three relay driven channels, will allow OPEN, CLOSE, STOP functions
  • Operates using LiftMaster EVO radio technology on 433 MHz & 868 MHz with increased range
  • Each channel can also take 2 wireless keypads (747EV model)
  • Available in a range of package deals to suit your needs

Compact design

Instructions included

Cost effective solution

How does it work?

Can be mounted with the supplied tape or firmly bolted

Power supply can be provided by a device (drive), or by a mains adapter

Connect to back of your opener

Program your remote control

It really is that simple!

860EV Universal Receiver with 3 TX2EV Included

Select Your Package

860EV Universal Receiver with 1 TX2EV Included

1 Receiver + 1 Remote

860EV Universal Receiver with 2 TX2EV Included

1 Receiver + 2 Remotes

860EV Universal Receiver with 3 TX2EV Included

1 Receiver + 3 Remotes

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LiftMaster 860EV Receiver

Receiver Only

LiftMaster TX2EV - 2 Channel Remote Control

Additional Remote (TX2EV)

Technical Specifications

860EV Receiver

Compatible with LiftMaster devices that operate on either 433 MHz or 868 MHz EVO code

Receiver with 3 channels

TX2EV Remote Control

2 buttons / channels

868.35 MHz rolling code

How to Program Your Remote

Instructions and Manuals

Video Guides

How to retrofit the LiftMaster 860EV into an existing garage door installation