Proximity Systems

What are Proximity Systems?

The term “proximity systems” refers to a range of access control devices that work using “contactless” technology similar to modern debit / credit cards.

Proximity systems are a high-tech alternative to traditional keys and consist of,

  • Proximity readers (also known as proxi / badge / card readers)
  • Proximity keys (also known as proxi keys / tags / fobs)

What can Proximity Systems be used for?

There are many potential applications for proximity systems, such as controlling access to exterior / interior doors in buildings or forming part of an intercom system. Other uses include clocking stations in the work place.

Hand placing proximity tag onto a proximity reader

Standalone Proxi-Reader

Standalone proximity reader for access control in residential or small business properties.

  • 2000 Card capacity with a reading time of 0.5 seconds
  • Fully programmable with the master card
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and weatherproof
  • Non-volatile memory capacity stores programmed information for up to 10 years, in case of total power failure

2000 Card Capacity

0.5 Second Reading Time


10 year Storage Capability

Proximity Badge

A proximity badge from Daitem that enables for fast and simple, contact-less activation of entry systems, appropriate for outside use with a clean look and elegance.

  • Simple to use
  • 20mm Reading Range (max)
  • Contactless activation/de-activation
  • Slim and Stylish design
  • Keyring compatible
  • Weatherproof build


Slim and Sylish design


20mm Reading Range

Proximity Tag

A proximity tag for Daitem Systems and Easy-Prox as well as different access management systems allow for contactless access by holding the tag up to a fob/proximity reader.

  • EM Chipset
  • Printed Number For Fob Identification
  • Keyring Proximity Tag
  • Small and Practical design
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Discontinued Proximity Systems

Additional Proximity Tag

Garage Doors or Gates may be quickly opened by simply holding the proximity tag in front of the name label on the keypad caller unit.

The Daitem additional proximity tag has been replaced by the SH804AX

  • Unique Code
  • 32 Manageable users
  • Compatible with D5821 and D5822 only
  • Keyring Compatible
  • Sturdy Build
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