RX1 Universal Receiver

RX1 Universal Receiver and Remotes

Universal receiver for use with garage door openers


  • Replaces discontinued remote controls with our smaller remotes
  • Ideal if you have lost, broken, or irreplaceable remote controls
  • Can be fitted within about 5 minutes with no technical knowledge at all!
  • Available in a range of package deals to suit your needs

Quick and easy to install

Cost effective solution

Instructions included

How does it work?

Pre-wired connections

Colour coded wires

Connect to back of your opener

Program your remote control

It really is that simple!

RX1 Universal Receiver Illustration

Select Your Package

1 x RX1 Receiver and 1 x Remote

1 Receiver + 1 Remote

1 x RX1 Receiver and 2 x Remotes

1 Receiver + 2 Remotes

1 x RX1 Receiver and 3 x Remotes

1 Receiver + 3 Remotes

1 x RX1 Receiver and 4 x Remotes

1 Receiver + 4 Remotes

£120.00Add to basket

2 x RX1 Receiver and 2 x Remotes

2 Receivers + 2 Remotes

£114.00Add to basket

2 x RX1 Receiver and 4 x Remotes

2 Receivers + 4 Remotes

£156.00Add to basket

UT2-433EG Remote Control

Additional UT2-433EG Remote

Quantity discounts available for multiple additional remote controls, click below for more info.

EKO-C Remote Control - Single Unit (For RX1)

Alternative EKO-C Remote

Designed to learn the codes of existing remote controls. Colour picked at random, click below for further details.

Technical Specifications

RX1 Receiver

Self-learning radio with terminal board, equipped with radio and relays

Receiver with 1 channel, fixed code or rolling code HCS 433.92 MHz

UT2-433EG / EKO-C Remote Controls

2 buttons / channels

433.92 MHz frequency

UT2-433EG: Rolling code

EKO-C: Fixed code

How to Program Your Remote

Instructions and Manuals

Video Guides

How to install with Chamberlain Garage Door Openers