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Daitem Back In Stock!

Due to unforeseeable issues regarding Daitem’s manufacturing warehouse, we have not been able to supply Daitem products over the past year, up until now!

We are exited to announce… Daitem products are now back in stock here at EasyGates!


The Daitem Wireless audio Intercom system allows the user to welcome and filter visitors, listen in to background sounds, and operate a number of automation systems from the home, such as electric gate openers, garage door openers, lighting systems and electric latches and locks. The SC100AU handset (included) can be used to control all these automated systems, as well as monitor them (check if entrances are open or closed, or lighting on and off etc.) and communicate with additional handsets.



Featured Intercom Systems

Daitem SC901AU Wireless Audio Intercom System



Daitem SC902AU Wireless Audio Intercom System with Keypad


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