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New Comelit Product Updates: Amazon Alexa and More…

Comelit have now added new and advanced updates to make it even easier to use your Comelit intercom monitor! These updates allow you to use facial recognition, to unlock your home with just one look at the camera! If that wasn’t enough, Amazon Alexa has now been integrated into the system to allow you to manage your Comelit door entry monitor system with the use of your voice. Explore the Comelit range today to get the perfect intercom kit for your home or public building!

Whats New?

Facial Recognition

With new and improved technology, the updates are endless, this new update allows you to just use one look at your Comelit intercom camera to open your door. Comelit uses the potential of the Cloud and introduces the new function of facial recognition, as an intuitive and useful way to manage access to your house through the video entry system. This new WiFi enabled feature provides is useful and convenient for when you can’t find your keys or if you are rushed for time.

How does it work?

During each call, the external unit detects the face of whoever has rang the bell, the intercom system will then send a notification indicating the presence of someone at your door and will even send an image of the face, so that you know exactly who is at your door before you answer. It is also easy to add the images to the face recognition name directory which will then be remembered for next time your visitor is at the door, with the ability to let them in just from the facial recognition image. To manage your name directory and access permission you can use the quick and easy App on your smartphone using iOS or Android. To create the accuracy of facial recognition, once the image has been taken, it is then sent to the cloud using the WiFi to be compared to existing images.

Amazon Alexa 

Thanks to the integration with the voice assistants, you can now control your Mini Wi-Fi video door phone with your voice and you can also be notified directly if someone known has rang your bell through the voice assistants. The automatic opening of the gate, door or command of any configured actuator, can be operated simply with a voice command and, if the facial recognition function is active, your voice assistants will inform you who is at the door. The Mini Hands free product allows Alexa to announce that someone is at the door to make it even more convenient.