NiceHome PR100 Battery Backup Kit

NiceHome PR100 24v buffer battery kit, supplies emergency power to your NiceHome gate & garage door openers when you need it most!



The NiceHome PR100 is a 24v buffer battery kit complete with battery charger, designed for supplying emergency power when you need it most! Designed to be used only inside control units or gear-motors or other protected environments.


  • 24v battery battery kit
  • Supplied with battery charger
  • Suitable for powering automatic gate / door automation systems
  • Provides emergency power in the event of a power failure

Black out? No problem!

NiceHome PR100 provides on average enough power for at least 10 manoeuvres! Great for peace of mind should you have a power cut.


View NiceHome PR100 Battery Backup Manual


The NiceHome PR100 back-up battery is only compatible with specific gate and garage door automation systems equipped with Nice Home control units.

Some examples of compatibility include,

  • Nice Home Operators
    • Aria 200/400/401 (swing gates)
    • Avio 1000 (garage doors)
    • Filo 400/600 (sliding gates)
    • Maestro 300 (swing gates)
    • Riva 200 (swing gates)

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight1.5 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)104 × 53 × 143 mm
Protection Rating (IP)30

Electronics Attributes