Fibaro Flood Sensor (Z-Wave)

FIBARO Flood Sensor is the perfect balance of design and practicality. Attractive, simple with state of the art tech.

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The FIBARO Flood Sensor can be placed on the floor where deployed probes will detect water below the device, or it can be wall mounted where an extended wire probe can be used to monitor from a distance. The sensor can be battery or mains powered, has a built in LED indicator / acoustic alarm and a tilt sensor that allows it to notify you when its being tampered with. Water detection is displayed as a notification or via the LED light, which doubles up as a Z-Wave network communication range indicator. The Flood Sensor will float on water and is un-submersible.

The FIBARO Flood Sensor is the perfect balance of design and practicality, attractive, simple and packed with state of the art technology.

Never miss a beat.

If the FIBARO Flood Sensor encounters a water leak or if someone tampers with the device, the system will send a notification to your smartphone.

Smart safety

Keep the FIBARO Flood Sensor close to important electrical equipment, setup an emergency shutdown scene should the sensor detect any water, the mains power can be shut off by the system. Alternatively if you have a Z-Wave electrovalve, you can setthe scene to automatically shut off the water in the event of a flood.

Versatile vigilance

The convenient small size and aesthetically pleasing design means you can place the FIBARO Flood Sensor anywhere there is a flood risk, and it will do its job without being unsightly or intrusive. The sensor will keep you and your property safe and water damage free.

Adaptable to any situation

If you have a hard to reach spot or awkwardly shaped crevice a 3rd party* water probe can be installed to run down to the potential flood area.

*Wired probe not included with the FIBARO Flood Sensor


  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller (firmware 3.2 or higher)
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption (firmware 3.2 or higher).
  • May be connected to any alarm system (potential free output terminal)
  • Extremely easy installation – simply put on a surface prone to flooding
  • May be installed anywhere – flood sensor’s contacts extended with a wire
  • Battery or VDC powered. When connected to an external, 12/24V DC power source, the battery serves as an emergency power source
  • Theft protection – tilt is reported to the Z-Wave network or alarm system’s main controller
  • Two operating modes – flood/temperature sensor or just a temperature sensor.
  • Alarm is signalled by sound, visual indicator (LED diode) and Z-Wave

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 72 x 28mm
  • Power Supply: Battery or 12–24V DC supply
  • Battery Type: CR123A/CR17345 battery
  • Range: 50m (outdoors) 30m (indoors)

Product Specifications

Physical Attributes

Weight800 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)72 × 28 mm
Fibaro Flood Sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor Dimensions

Electronics Attributes

Power SupplyBattery or 12–24V DC supply