Nice ROBUS 500 Hi-Speed Gate Kit

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Max Weight:
Max Length:

Nice Robus 500 Hi-Speed sliding gate kit, ideal for residential and industrial applications. Designed for intensive use and demanding installations.

The super fast RB500HS takes around 9* seconds to open a 4m long gate.



Nice ROBUS500 Hi-Speed Sliding Gate Opener Kit
This item: Nice ROBUS 500 Hi-Speed Gate Kit
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Up to 3x Faster!

Fast and efficient motors open your gates in mere seconds.

Commercial and High-Traffic Urban Areas

Sleek & stylish design, ideal for frequent use.

Fully Compatible with our Safety Edge Range

High-speed, high safety & high peace of mind. Together as one.

As a Nice 24V DC electromechanical gear motor, the Robus 500 Hi-Speed sliding gate kit is ideal for residential and industrial applications.

Designed for intensive use and demanding installations, the Hi-Speed motor in this kit will have your gates open in no time at all!

The super fast RB500HS takes around 9* seconds to open a 4m long gate.

*Considering standard installation, excluding acceleration and deceleration

Key Features

  • Opens a 4m gate in 9* seconds!
  • High Duty Cycle for regular use
  • 24V Battery Backup Available
  • Max Gate Weight – 500KG

Product Features


Thanks to the Nice BlueBUS technology, the control unit can be connected to up to 7 pairs of photocells, control units and security and signalling devices using two wires only.


Control unit and buffer batteries PS124 (optional) are connected by a practical guided plug-in connector, housed in the gear-motor.


The temperature sensor adapts the motor power to the environment and at the same time thermal cut-out; a master/slave selection automatically synchronises two motors. This means it is possible to automate 2-leaf sliding gates set opposite each other.


Thanks to the obstacle detection system and automatic programming of the working times. Self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light. 8 programming levels.


Acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and at the end of each opening and closing manoeuvre.


Pressure die-cast aluminium base and release, with epoxy painting and easy to open handle.


Gear motor on bearings.


Variable speed in both directions.


Compartment for control unit protected by removable box.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Nice RB500HS Robus Hi-Speed Sliding Gate Motor
  • 1 x Nice OXIBD Bi-Directional Receiver
  • 2 x Nice ON2E Era One Remote Controls
  • 2 x Nice EPMB Medium Photocells (one pair)

Compatibility List

  • Receivers
    • OXI
  • Transmitters
  • Photocells
  • Flashing Lights
    • ELDC, WLT

Manuals and Guides

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Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight13.00000000 KG
Nice Robus 500 HS RB500HS Motor Dimensions

Nice Robus 500 HS RB500HS Motor Dimensions

Protection Rating (IP)44
Operating Temperature-20°C to 50°C

Electronics Attributes

Max Absorption2.2 A
Max Power450 W
Power Supply230V AC 50/60 Hz

Motor Attributes

Duty Cycle / Work Cycle

Gate length up to 4m = 40 cycles per hour
Gate length up to 8m = 20 cycles per hour

Motor Speed>> 0.44 <<
Motor Voltage24v
Safety Edge Input8K2OHM, NC, NO
Automation TypeSliding
Kit TypeSingle
Max. Gate Leaf Length (M)8M
Max. Gate Weight (KG)500KG
Force (N)360N
Motor Model Number(s)