FIBARO RGBW Controller (Z-Wave)

Fibaro RGBW controller, sophisticated wireless LED 4-colour light controller for millions of lighting / colour possibilities.


FIBARO RGBW Controller (Z-Wave) is compatible with the following systems:
Z-Wave Compatible


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The FIBARO RBGW Controller is a Z-Wave network compatible light bulb hue controller, using a pulse width modulation signal to control LED, RBG, RBGW strips, halogen, and fans. The device is 12 & 24 VDC compatible and can be powered by either, in addition it can also support up to four 0 – 10 V analog sensors, such as light and temperature sensors. IN and OUT terminals can be configured for LED control or to the 0 – 10 V signals.


  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller
  • Advanced microprocessor control
  • Different operating modes
  • Active power and energy metering functionality
  • Multiple colour presets
  • Active element: transistor
  • To be installed in standard wall switch boxes

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Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight60 grams
Dimensions (L x W x H)42 × 37 × 17 mm
Fibaro RGBW Controller

Fibaro RGBW Controller

Operating Temperature0 - 40oC

Electronics Attributes

Max Consumption0.3W
Power Supply12 V DC - 24 V DC