Dortech ACC64F – Variable Voltage 6 – 28V Relay PCB


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This relay control unit is automatically regulated and no control voltage set-up is needed. It is suitable for continuous operation.

NOTE – The “on board” voltage regulator may get hot, which is normal. The level of heat is dependent on the input control voltage level. It has built in thermal overload protection.


  • Input Control Voltage – 6 to 28V AC/DC
  • Nominal Input Control Current – 40mAmps average.  NOTE – The “inrush current” at power up, will be much higher for a duration +- 100 milliseconds and then it will settle at the quoted 40mAmps average.
  • Relay Output Contacts – Dual change over. The maximum contact current handling capacity is 8Amps at 220VAC and 8 Amps at 30VDC

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