Nice TO5024 Toona Replacement Motor

Nice Toona series 5 24v replacement gate motor for ToonaKit 4 & 7.

Recommended control unit Moonclever MC824H.


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Gate Measurement Video Guide

If you need help determining the A / B measurements of your gate, check out our helpful video guide (right).


Nice Toona series 5 24v replacement gate motor for ToonaKit 4 & 7.

Recommended control unit: Moonclever MC824H.

Downloadable Materials

Nice TO5024 Manual and Diagrams (.pdf)


  • Mechanical Stop on opening
  • For swing gates with leaves up to 5 m.
  • Electromechanical gear motor, surface mounted.

Reliable Information

  • Durable motor housing, made up of two tough aluminium shells with a polyester paint finish, which increases resistance to atmospheric agents.
  • Internal components constructed from steel, light alloys and technopolymers


  • Dual technology obstacle detection.
  • Connection for EN compliant 8.2K safety edges.
  • Deceleration on closing and opening
  • Automatic fault diagnosis

Installer Friendly

  • A generously sized connection compartment allows easy access to the internal components of the motor.
  • Simple to program with a single button, allowing programming of pause timing.
  • Fully compatible with Nice’s Solemyo solar power kit and Opera management system for GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity / operation.
  • Integrated Nice BlueBUS technology, allowing connection to up 12 devices with just two cables.

Perfect for intensive use with Moonclever MC824H

  • Single key programming
  • Self-learning opening/ closing limit positions
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Pause time programming
  • Pedestrian pass door
  • Opening/closing deceleration
  • Obstacle detection
  • Back-up battery in the event of a power failure is optional (PS324)
  • Provision for safety edges

Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight7 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)965 × 115 × 105 mm
Protection Rating (IP)44
Operating Temperature-20°C to +50°C

Electronics Attributes

Max Absorption5A
Max Power120W
Power Supply24v

Motor Attributes

Duty Cycle / Work Cycle

95 (Cycles / Hour)

Motor Voltage24v
Automation TypeRam
Kit TypeMotor Only