CAME ZA4 Control Board (3199ZA4)


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Please Note: This listing is for a replacement control board only, enclosure not included.

  • The ZA4 control board is suitable for controlling automation of ATI, FERNI, KRONO, FAST and FROG series 230V swing gates with up to 600W power and 50-60Hz frequency.
  • The board requires 230V (a.c.) at terminal blocks L1- L2 and the inlet is protected with two 5A fuses. A 1A fuse protects the low voltage command devices. The accessories’ total wattage (24V) must not exceed 20W.


  • Photocells can be connected to obtain:
    • Re-opening during closure (2-C1), if the photocells identify an obstacle while the gate is closing, they will reverse the direction of movement until the gate is completely open;
    • Total stop (1-2), shutdown of gate movement without automatic closing; a pushbutton or radio remote control must be actuated to resume movement).


  • Flashing signal light when gate is in motion 25W max. (E1-W):
  • Radiofrequency «AF» board (see table pag.7).

Other Functions Available

  • Automatic closing. The automatic closing timer is automatically activated at the end of the opening cycle. The preset, adjustable automatic closing time is automatically interrupted by the activation of any safety system, and is deactivated after a STOP command or in case of power failure;
  • “Operator present” function: Gate operates only when the pushbutton is held down (the radio remote control system is deactivated);


  • Trimmer TL = Adjustment of operating time;
  • Trimmer TR2M =Delay on closing cycle motor 2;
  • Trimmer TCA = Adjustment of automatic closing;

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Physical and Performance Attributes

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