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  • Came branded underground gate opener double kit
  • Sturdy, quiet but above all electro-mechanical
  • Anti-corrosive and water-tight design
  • Ideal for intensive use in high traffic applications


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Came Frog-P is a 230v underground gate opener double kit, suitable for use with gate leaves up to 800kg in weight or 3.5m in length.


Sturdy, quiet, but above all electro-mechanical

  • Great care was taken in the choice of materials used. The CAME FROG construction uses a permanent fluid grease lubrication; and the electro-mechanical motor eliminates the need for periodic maintenance of the operators
  • Watertight casing (IP67; NEMA 6) allows for uninterrupted operation even under severe rain
  • Anti-corrosive and resistant to the elements: the FROG’s casing is made of stainless steel, and protected with a special galvanized treatment. For extreme applications in the presence of corrosive elements, the stainless steel (FROG BI) version is also available
  • Suitable for condominiums and intensive traffic applications: The 24V D.C. model is designed for continuous duty operation and slows down at opening and closing
  • Accommodates inputs from any access control system: radio transmitter, card reader, telephone entry or safety device loops or photocells
  • The FROG can incorporate a battery backup system in case of power failure

Kit Contents

  • 2 x Underground foundation casings
  • 2 x Underground motors 230V AC
  • 2 x Key operated manual release mechanisms
  • 1 x Control panel
  • 1 x Radio receiver card
  • 1 x Tuned antenna
  • 2 x Radio remote controls
  • 1 x Pair safety photocells

Usage Limits

Came FROG A (230V) Usage Limits

The standard opening is 110°; with the A 4370 and FL 180 accessories, the opening increases up to 140° and 180° respectively.

Downloadable Materials

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Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight60 KG


Protection Rating (IP)67
Operating Temperature-20°C to 70°C

Electronics Attributes

Power Supply230V (110V) AC

Motor Attributes

Motor Voltage230v
Automation TypeUnderground
Kit TypeDouble
Max. Gate Leaf Length (M)3.5M
Max. Gate Weight (KG)800KG
Number of Leafs2