AES e-Loop mini – Domestic Kit EXIT MODE – Wireless Vehicle Detection System

The e-loop mini kit is a wireless vehicle detection system that replaces traditional wired inductive loops, saving you time and money while increasing reliability.


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Replaces traditional wired inductive loops, saving you time and money while increasing reliability!

The e-Loop Mini is an easy bolt-in alternative for automatic vehicle detection systems. Easily installed into a new or existing gate controller, making it possible to use the e-loop mini on practically any household gate. It offers an accurate, secure, and economical solution for autonomous vehicle detection through the use of magnetic sensor technology.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small compact design (120mm x 120mm x 30mm high)
  • Static load capacity 2500kg
  • Uses standard 1.5V AA Lithium batteries (not included) providing up to 3 years battery life
  • High security 128-bit encryption
  • Range up to 50 meters

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x e-Loop domestic Exit mode wireless detection module.
  • 1 x single channel transceiver (Trans-50).
  • 2 x Dyna bolts.


Product Specifications

Physical and Performance Attributes

Weight1.200 KG

Remote Control, Radio & Receiver Attributes

Radio Frequency433.39 MHz

Access Control Attributes


Yes, for calibration and pairing.

Connectorwireless 433.39 MHz

Misc Product Attributes

e-Loop Mini:

Model: EL00M-K

Dimensions (LxWxH): 120 x 120 x 300 mm

Static Load Capacity: 25oo kg

Frequency: 433.39 MHz

Range: Up to 50 metres

Security: 128-bit AES encryption

Battery Life: Up to 3 years

Battery Type: AA Lithium 1.5v x2 (not included) (DO NOT use Alkaline Batteries)

e-Trans-50 Single Channel Transceiver:

Voltage Range: 10-36V DC

Low Current Draw: standby = 4.5 m/a active = 30 m/a

Frequency: 433.39 MHz

Remote Storage: 50 x remotes, 4 x e-loops, 4 x keypads, 4 x entry buttons

Relay: 1-amp contact rating, COM and N/O connections x 1 relay

Modes: pulse, latch and hold