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Suitable for: swinging gates weighing a maximum of 180 kg and having a maximum length of 1.8 meters.

ORO - ORO E controllers : technical specifications (cod. P930114 00001)

Power supply 230Vac10% - 50Hz
Motor 2800min -1
Absorbed power 240 W
Capacitor 6.3 F
Max. pressure 0.9 A
Pump capacity 0.6 0.9 L/min
Pushing force1500 N
Towing force 1250 N

Opening time (working stroke) 20s, 27 s (Oro E)
Closing time (workig stroke) 20 s, 27 s (Oro E)
Forza di trazione 1250 N
Time of lock Hydraulic lock on closing (Oro E electric lock on closing /opening)
Max leaf length 1.8 m (Oro 2.5 m)
Max leaf weight 1800 N (Oro 2000N)
Working stroke 250 mm
Impact reaction Hydraulic clutch
Manual manoeuvre Release key
Thermal protection 120 C
Degree of protection IP 55
Controller weight 53 N (~ 5,3 Kg)
Oil Idrolux

In all versions of the Oro series, the crush-proof safety mechanism consists of two valves that can be adjusted with extreme precision.
Manual opening in case of emergency is very easy, simply by pushing the leaf after releasing the operators using the special key supply or blocking the electric lock.

Provisions for installation
MOD. Type Type of lock Max leaf length (m) Closing or openingtime (sec) Max leaf weight
ORO (cod. P935059 00001) Hydraulic lock on closing 20 1.8 180
ORO E (cod. P935058 00001) Electric lock 27 2.5 200


OROKIT (cod. R935210 00004)

This kit includes all the accessories needed to carry out installation:
n 1 control unit
n 1 double-channel transmitter
n 1 single-channel receiver
n 1 key selector

Installation measurements versione ORO - ORO E
ORO Hydraulic BFT Motor
NOTES: The vaues highlighted indicate the optimum configuration needed to obtain leaf movement at constant speed. When the "a" and "b" dimensions values are different, the leaf does not move at a constant speed. The values expressed in degrees represent the leaf opening degrees are determined in terms of the chosen "a" and "b" values.
ALCOR control panel : tecnical specifications (cod. D113030)
Power supply 230 V +- 10% 50-60 Hz single-phase
Max motor load 500 W
Power supply for accessories 24 Vac - 200 mA max.
Panel consumption 100 mA
Environmental conditions -20C to +55C
Degree of protection IP 55

4 - step function logic (2 optional steps)
Control impulse which can be excluded in the opening phase
Photocells which can be activated in both directions or excluded in the opening phase

2nd leaf delay which can be set from 1 to 30 sec
Automatic closing time which can be set from 1 to 60 sec or excluded
Operation time which can be set from 1 to 90 sec
Self-diagnosing LEDs
Single or double-channel receiver board insertion connector

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